Computer crashed,

Nerves are mashed,

Dreams are dashed,

Where do I go from here?


Walmart is cruel,

Especially at Yule,

I am back in the primordial ooze.


An amoeba am I,

As I earnestly try,

To understand the 12 year-old Sales Clerk.


On Gateway, on Acer, on HP and Dell

Just pick one already

And get out of this hell.


The Myans were right,

The END is in sight,

Credit  WINDOWS 8  with my destruction !



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  1. Hi Peanut!!!! I’m back and kicking!! He,he My computer crashed last year and finally after many months I have been able to purchase another computer! Unfortunately when I tried to post something through wordpress they said that I am no longer allowed to post using my domain name because I waited too long to post something. I e-mailed them to explain the situation and begged them to let me have my site back. I hope it works out! Anyways, how are you? I’ve missed reading your posts and I really can’t wait to start conversing and sharing great stories again! Wish me luck with wordpress. I told them that I will upgrade to pro if that would help. Happy New Year!!!!

    Cali Ali Kitten

  2. Hey PeaNut! I thought I would share with you something that happened to me the other weekend. I am part of a committee for our Church Craft Show and Saturday Dec 1st was our big day. Since our show takes place in our church sometimes weddings, funerals, etc can overlap. This weekend a funeral service was scheduled for the same day with about 40 people in attendance. The Knights of Columbus was in charge of parking in our lot to make sure the furneral attendees were able to park and get in and out of the church easily. I just happened to have made my rounds (I am the one who had to deal with all the venders and complaints) at the admissions table when a lady asked who is in charge. All eyes rested on me (lucky day!). I asked her what the problem was and this little old lady was ‘loaded for bear’ and informed me that this car was parked in the handicapped area without a placker. I asked her what kind of car it was and she informed me it was the hurst. I thought she was joking and started to laugh (my mistake). I realized from her expression I shouldn’t have laughed and she informed me to call the police to have it towed. I asked her what do you think the police are going to do since I believe a dead man is dead man is handicapped. (At this point I think I’m going to hell). Needless to say, I don’t think she is coming back to our craft show.

    • Sweet Tweet, You are being rather Politically Incorrect to think that a DEAD man is more handicapped than a STUPID woman, aren’t you? I wish I could have been there to see and hear your reaction. Let the Old Bat go to the BAPTIST CRAFT FAIR next year…you still have many good Catholics that will buy your fare.

  3. LOVE IT!! Now, if you really want to drive yourself crazy, make the last line in each paragraph (stanza)rhyme with each other, ignore that the other lines in each paragraph are their own rhyme. Then you will have created a form poem–which one I cannot tell you as I detest form poetry, but it is a fun challenge if you like challenges! So far this holiday season stinks. Iwalked into the local K-mart about 2 hours ago and just had to catch my breath–the piles of crap are just fantastic! How do manufacturers come up with more and more useless and overdone pieces of crap to churn out? But I do have our 2 new, first ever, penguins out on the front lawn (talk about useless and crap)–and I think they are so cute. There’s just no hope for me!! Bah humbug!


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