No alteration concerning constipation.

An abomination of bowel procrastination

 Painful exasperation and considerable consternation

A subject not fit for polite conversation

 A true equalization of the population

 For everyone has experienced the limitations of CONSTIPATION.


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  1. you are thinking way too much!! LOL!! Keep ‘er going kid. My other half, Jim, fell on Monday and it has been an awful week since we had a carpenter starting on a closet re-do on Wed. and Jim’s leg went from bad with a hematoma to worse with a blood blister on top of the hematoma which is a blood blister of itself. So we have seen doctors 4 times and spent today in an ER to open the blister on top to drain it and now we look forward to a quiet weekend. You probably do not know that Jim is an amputee–lost his leg almost 5 years ago (didn’t lose it, we know exactly where it is) due to repeated infections due to extremely poor circulation. The decision to amputate came when the infections started to run back to back and it was a question in the doctor’s words of waiting for the infection that would kill him. So, his “good” leg is not perfect as that, too, has terrible circulation. Now this huge wound. We have an excellent antibiotic that would fight MERSA infections and hopefully that will do the required job. So, ONWARD!!


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