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The Saving Grace of Words



In my early childhood, our family did not regularly attend church. My parents both had “9-5” day jobs but they also had a Dance Band that played for functions throughout the state on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually they would not get home until well after midnight on Saturdays, so Sunday morning sleep time was a necessity.

One of my best friends was Marsha Mack, whose family was deeply religious. Her father would read Scripture selections aloud before each meal. Therefore, when I ate at Marsha’s house, which I did quite often, I heard all about Jesus, and how He died on Calvary.

Being an avid TV Westerns fan, I naturally thought that Jesus, being in the Cavalry, wore a Dress Blue uniform, with shiny black boots, gleaming sword and pearl handled pistol, just like Chuck Connors in “Branded.” I remember asking my Mother if Jesus was killed by the Indians. Shortly after that day, our family became regular churchgoers. I credit Chuck Connors and Marsha Mack with my conversion.