Water Polo VS Presidential Campaigning






Water Polo VS Campaigning


I have just now begun to emerge from my “All Olympics…All The Time” stupor, a few days after the Closing Ceremonies. I returned to my regular diet of Cable News Shows. I was absolutely dumb-struck at the similarities between Presidential Campaigning and Men’s Water Polo;


Water polo               You can almost drown your opponent without penalty


Campaigning           You can throw massive amounts of mud at your opponent w/o penalty


Water polo               No one (except possibly the referee) understands the rules


Campaigning           There are No Rules (never have been)


Water polo               Game lasts too long


Campaigning           Game is interminable


Water polo               Sort of cute guys, with really dorky hats


Campaigning           Sort of cute guys (except Biden) No hats, they were all tossed in the ring


Water Polo               Played every four years


Campaigning           We wish it was only played every four years!



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  1. Oh, PB, I have missed you! I loved the Gatekeeper story and the Water Polo vs Campaigning comparisons. I’m going to try to check in here more often. I hope you are doing well.

    • Deaarest Lady…I have missed you also. I got a letter Wednesday that one of my short stories is going to be published in an anthology book that will be out in Spring. I had to put on my Industrial Strength Depends because my giggles and yelling undermined my bladder control. I pray you are well. Please…Please stop by often.

      • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yay and Double Yay!!!! I’m not surprised, though. You write beautifully. Have we read the story? Are you taking any courses right now?

        • You might have, it is the story of my mother and I attempeing to make home-made wine, entitled “The Wrath of Grapes”. I am taking Writeriffic II for a second time. Eva totally re-vamped the material and it is new to me. There are only 4 or 5 of us in the class. Did you know that Eva published her first Novel 2 weeks ago. It is a fantastically funny Christian,Mystery,Romance novel called “Games of the Heart.”. It is available now for Kindel through Amazon.

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